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Allis Chalmers B tractor

1 2Allis Chalmers B.  Just In.  One new rear tire, electric start, very straight, foot brakes,  starts and runs great.  $1950  obo

Allius Chalmers D12 High Crop For Sale

Allis Chalmers D12 High Crop for sale. very rare tractor in good running condition. Rims in good shape. Tires 75%. Sheet metal very straight. Questions or additional photos please email Asking $7500 oboAC D12 front 2

AC D12 frt angle

AC D12 left 2


Coming soon to North Otto Tractor Parts will be U.S.A. made manifolds for some of the more common models of Allis Chalmers, Farmall, and others.  The manifolds are available now, but we haven’t yet gotten the shopping cart or online pricing in place.  Until we do you can call us or email to request pricing and availability.  We are very pleased to offer these high quality parts that also employ people right here.  In the weeks and months ahead we will be adding more parts and prices to this list.   It may take a while since we want to review each piece to be certain they are quality parts that will result in satisfied customers.  questions or comments call 716-257-9863 or email

Farmall manifolds: cub, super C, H, M, 140

Allis chalmers: B,C,CA, wd,wd45, D14, D17, D19, G

More coming soon


Allis Chalmers Number 5 Sickle Bar Mower Frame

Allis Chalmers No. 5 Sickle Bar Mower frame and drive-line for sale.  Pictures to follow.  Has one lift bracket.  $75.00

Allis Chalmers C Parts


Complete final drive $100.00
Torque tube $ 25.00
Complete transmission $175.00
Valve cover $ 15.00
Cylinder Head $125.00
Rocker Arm Assy $ 25.00
Rear Wheel Centers cast $ 35.00
Complete Narrow Front $ 95.00
Distributor and drive assy $125.00 SOLD
Carburetor  SOLD
Engine oil Pan
Many other parts that need to be cleaned and checked prior to sale. If what you need is not listed please call

Allis Chalmers C Tractor FOR SALE or parts

Just in! Nice ALLIS CHALMERS C Tractor for parts.

Let us know what you need.   This tractor has now been salvaged for parts

AC C Tractor 2

Allis Chalmers WD45 Diesel

WD45 Diesel.  Rebuilt fuel injection system.  1 new rear tire.  Coming into shop soon for engine rebuild.  Can be purchased prior to rebuild  SOLD

Allis Chalmers Tractor Parts For Sale

Below is a partial listing of used ALLIS CHALMERS Tractor Parts that we have For Sale. This list changes daily so please contact us about parts you need even if you do not see them listed.

Oil Pump AC WC,WF,WD $50
Hood AC Styled WC,WD,WD45 $60
Gas Tank AC Styled WC $75
Gas Tank AC WD, WD45 $75
Gas Tank Support AC Styled WC,WD,WD45 $75
Hood Tie-Down Bands AC Styled WC,WD,WD45 $15
Electrical Switch Box AC WC $25
Loop Draw Bar AC C $75
Grill AC WC,WD,WD45 $150
Spin-On Oil Filter Mount AC B,C,CA $25
Str Wheel/Str Shaft Support AC WC $25
Seat/Fender Supports – Pair AC B,C $30

Allis Chalmers RC and WC Rear Axle Seals

One of today’s projects is new REAR AXLE SEALS for an ALLIS CHALMERS RC or WC tractor. It included rounding up seals that are Allis Chalmers part numbers 70207708 (sub 72511216) and the large rubber oil seal part number 70202533. Thanks to Bill Hoeppner from MO for his call!

Tractor Restoration

<eTRACTOR RESTORATION – We restore tractors for our collection and for many customers from the North Eastern U.S. and Canada. We carry a complete line of RESTORATION QUALITY TRACTOR PARTS and we ship world wide on a daily basis. If you need assistance with parts or with advice on how to tackle a problem with your tractor we have what you need. In addition to an unlimited list of new and used tractor parts we have mechanics available to answer any questions you may have. If you are not sure what to order please ask us. We would love to help! The parts that we sell are the parts that we use in our restorations. Watch for NEW ADDITIONS to projects and parts listed.

Re-man Crankshaft Allis Chalmers WC, WD

This crankshaft has been professionally refurbished including a magnaflux test to be sure there are no cracks.  It was ground to .040” undersize rod bearing journals/ .030” undersize main bearing journals. We have bearings and all other engine components available. Ready to install!   Casting number U-3986 part number 1197888.  $495.00

LOTS of used ALLIS CHALMERS Styled WC Parts

We have recently gotten LOTS of used Allis Chalmers Styled WC parts including hoods, grill assemblies, gas tanks, gas tank supports, air cleaners and more!  Please contact us with a list of your needs.  Call 716-257-9863 or e mail

Parts Tractors Available

Farmall Cub

Farmall A, BN

Allis Chalmers B, C

Allis Chalmers D17 Diesel


Some used John Deere H and John Deere GP parts available

1949 John Deere A

John Deere 440

Just In! Allis Chalmers D17 Diesel III !

Allis Chalmers D17 Diesel

We have just got in a nice, straight ALLIS CHALMERS D17 Diesel Series III for restoration!  This is a complete tractor with a nice, straight hood, sound adjustable wide front end with no welds, power steering and Power Adjust Rims.  Tires are about 50%.  Head is cracked.  One rear rim needs patching or replacing.  Contact us for parts OR price the whole tractor and make it your next project!  We can e mail several pictures from various angles if you are interested.  SOLD

For Sale – Allis Chalmers

1941 Allis Chalmers C Tractor with Cultivators

1941 Allis Chalmers C Tractor with Cultivators

Allis Chalmers B Tractor
Runs great!   New wiring, battery, gauges, muffler; Re-built carburetor; Good tires, new rims  SOLD

1941 Allis Chalmers C Tractor with Cultivators
Completely restored; New rims and tires; New paint and decals  SOLD

Also for Sale
2 Allis Chalmers 1 Bottom Moldboard Plows for Allis Chalmers B or C Tractors SOLD

Allis Chalmers D14

Allis Chalmers D14

This is just a pic of an Allis Chalmers that one of customers restored
using several parts from our shop.  The owner is Gary wade from TN.