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Tractor Parts for Sale

TRC Grease For Sale at North Otto

trcWe have now taken on the line of Texas Refinery Corp lubricants. 880 Crown & Chassis Grease, oils, and diesel fuel additives now in stock.  Let us be your TRC supplier!

Farmall Cub Wheel Weights

Pair of Cub rear weights.  150 for pair

2 More Farmall Cub Tractors

Just in, 2 Farmall Cub Tractors for Salvage, 1 with front blade.  Both have Hydraulics

John deere 40 crawler for parts

John deere 40c for salvage.  Greenville loader, 5 roller undercarriage WITH SPROCKET SHIELDS, and correct top rollers.

New salvage, 3 farmall h tractors just added

We just brought in 3 more farmall h tractors for salvage.  Call with your needs!

Grease comparison

Grease test photo

0928161034How does your grease stack up?  The red grease in this photo is trc 880 crown & chassis, the Amber is mystic jt6 being tested on an impact tester designed to test 2 greases simultaneously, simulating high shock loads such as loader pins would encounter.  Note the 880 Crown & Chassis stuck to the impact tester, while the jt6 splattered nearly to the paper on the tester.    Which would you prefer?


Spin on oil filter adapter kit to fit Farmall A, B, C, H, M

We have had these kits made when we were no longer able to find any to purchase for our own tractors.  Comes with new gasket for the factory cast base, new aluminum adapter base, new adapter stud, and new Wix 51051 spin on filter.  $125 + shipping.   12291610431229161045

Wolfs Head HT Fluid

Wolf’s head hydraulic transmission fluid for $46.50 per 5 gallon pail while supplies last

John Deere New Generation Seat Cushion Set

3 piece seat cushion set for 3010, 4010, 3020, 4020, etc steel backed.  $137

U.S.A. Made Voltage Regulators

We just brought in some American Made voltage regulators.  Call for pricing 716-257-9863

Farmall H Tractor

IH Farmall H, runs, drives, nearly new rubber $1800  THIS TRACTOR HAS BEEN SALVAGED FOR PARTS

Timken Bearings

In the continuing persuit of higher quality parts, North Otto is pleased to announce we now carry Timken bearings, a trusted name in bearing quality.  We will continue to offer lower priced alternatives, but want our customers to have the choice.

John deere 420c

Early 420c 5 roller for salvage

Cab Interior Kits

Call today to ask us about cab liners, seats and steps.   Cab interior kits are AMERICAN MADE from 3 different manufacturers to ensure the best possible coverage of  tractor brands and models

High Quality Ignition Components

North Otto has decided to stock STANDARD IGNITION   as a solution to the inferior quality of the low cost tune up kits flooding the market.  Corrosion resistance, longevity, and reliability are what our customers have been asking for, and STANDARD IGNITION delivers!  Inquire today!

John Deere 450 for salvage

JD 450 crawler just in for salvage.  many good undercarriage, transmission, final drive, and engine parts

John Deere 420w for salvage

1956 John Deere 420w sn:91770 for parts

Farmall Cub

Running Farmall Cub in for salvage or for sale whole.  runs well has distributor ignition $1600 obo

John Deere 440 crawler loader

0224161115 0224161116aMocel 440IC with 91 loader, ripper, 5 speed transmission, direction reverser, deluxe seat, gas engine, original paint in good condition  $4500  this crawler has been salvaged for parts

John Deere Styled L for parts

Styled JD L for parts, Deere Replacement engine, originally built as a Hercules tractor.   Tall front axle, no tag

Allis Chalmers WD45 for Parts

1954 AC WD45 serial number 183152.  Gas, Wide Front, Snap Coupler

Used Parts

The majority of the used parts listed below are stripped from tractor, cleaned, on the shelf, and ready to ship

John Deere H Tractor for parts

  • Engine oil pump             $95
  • Camshaft                           $95
  • Camshaft gear                 $25
  • Reduction gear               $50
  • Reduction cover            $35
  • Foot throttle                    $25
  • Platform                             $75
  • Seat base                            $65  SOLD
  •    More parts to be added

Early Farmall H for salvage

running farmall H just in for parts

Farmall M for salvage

Farmall M tractor just arrived for salvage      Parts for sale

1944 Farmall H Tractor for Salvage

currently being dismantled for parts. Serial Number 176826

  • rear wheel weights                         $200/pair SOLD
  • hood                                            $95   SOLD
  • Grill-  very good cond                   $225 SOLD
  • Crankshaft                                          $250 SOLD
  • Fuel Tank                                            $150 SOLD
  • Engine oil pump                               $ 50   SOLD
  • Hyd pump                                           $175
  • Swinging drawbar assy                  $150 SOLD

Farmall A for salvage

Scheduled to be dismantled

  • Fuel Tank                          $75     SOLD
  • Hood                                   $75    SOLD
  • Grill- has some dents   $125   SOLD
  • Rear Wheel Weights     $200/pair

Farmall Cub sickle bar mower parts

We now have in stock mower sections (knives), and rivets to fit cub mowers.  new wood pitmans now available


Coming soon to North Otto Tractor Parts will be U.S.A. made manifolds for some of the more common models of Allis Chalmers, Farmall, and others.  The manifolds are available now, but we haven’t yet gotten the shopping cart or online pricing in place.  Until we do you can call us or email to request pricing and availability.  We are very pleased to offer these high quality parts that also employ people right here.  In the weeks and months ahead we will be adding more parts and prices to this list.   It may take a while since we want to review each piece to be certain they are quality parts that will result in satisfied customers.  questions or comments call 716-257-9863 or email

Farmall manifolds: cub, super C, H, M, 140

Allis chalmers: B,C,CA, wd,wd45, D14, D17, D19, G

More coming soon


Allis Chalmers C Parts


Complete final drive $100.00
Torque tube $ 25.00  SOLD
Complete transmission $175.00
Valve cover $ 15.00
Cylinder Head $125.00  SOLD
Rocker Arm Assy $ 25.00
Rear Wheel Centers cast $ 35.00
Complete Narrow Front $ 95.00  SOLD
Distributor and drive assy $125.00 SOLD
Carburetor  SOLD
Engine oil Pan
Many other parts that need to be cleaned and checked prior to sale. If what you need is not listed please call

Fluid Film

North Otto Tractor Parts now carries Fluid Film in aerosol cans up to 55 gal drums.  Call for pricing

Allis Chalmers C Tractor FOR SALE or parts

Just in! Nice ALLIS CHALMERS C Tractor for parts.

Let us know what you need.   This tractor has now been salvaged for parts

AC C Tractor 2


We have LOTS of NEW and USED Farmall Cub parts For Sale. We have recently parted a 1949 FARMALL CUB. Below is a partial listing of parts available.

IH Part No. Description Condition

405031R92 Cub Engine Block Good used, No cracks or welds  SOLD
251271R12 Flywheel w Ring Gear Good, used
353743R93 Crankshaft Good, used
353743R93 Crankshaft New
49177D Front Main Seal New, sub to 378193R91
251269R3 Cranshaft Pulley Good, used
251293R3 Crankshaft Pulley New
357219R91 Main Bearing Set New sizes STD, .002, .010, .020, .030
251248R21 Rod Bearings New sizes STD, .002, .010, .020, .030
355734R91 Oil Pan Good, Used
355691R2 Head New
251229R2 Head Gasket New
Head Gasket Set New, all gaskets needed when removing head
251369R1 Oil Pan Gasket New
Full Gasket Set New
Fan & Pulley Assem. Used, good condition
IHS143 Fan & Pulley Assem. New
251428R1 Fan Belt New
351321R1 Generator Belt New
251232R1 Manifold New
352540R92 Manifold Gasket Set New
2C7859 Piston Ring Set New, sizes STD, .010, .020, .030, .040, .060
405007R11 Piston Used
Re-Bore Kit New Pistons, Rings, Pins, Clips
251247R1 Piston Pin Bushing New
251260R1 Intake Valve New
251261R2 Exhaust Valve New
352973R3 Valve Guide New
251262R2 Valve Spring New
46209D Valve Lock (Key) New
376373R91 Oil Filter New
251270R2 Ring Gear New
351436R92 Muffler New
364579R91 IH Carburetor New
Carb Repair Kits New, Several
251293R91 IH Carburetor Float New
351878R92 Radiator New
351030R91 Radiator Cap New
350886R11 Lower Radiator Housing New
351760R91 Clutch Pressure Plate New Assembly
351773R91 Clutch Disc New
350921R11 Clutch Throw Out New Throw Out Bearing Assembley w/ Carrier
251266R Clutch Pilot Bushing New
351485R2 Clutch Inspection Cover New Housing Inspection Cover
351485R2 Clutch Inspec. Cover Used
350949R11 Clutch Pedal Used
350991R11 Brake Pedal, Left Used
350998R11 Brake Pedal, Right Used
350967R21 Brake Band Assembley New, w/ adj. rod
358723R21 Brake Band Assembley New, no adj. rod
350805R2 Brake Drum New
350805R2 Brake Drum Used
350951R1 Brake Pedal Ret. Spring New
351686R3 Clutch Housing Used Torque Tube
351236R98 Transmission Housing Used
Complete Transmission Used
356530R91 Gear Shift Lever Assem. Used
351545R2 Gear Shift Lever Housing Used
53717DA Gear Shift Knob New
355601R92 Shifter Fork Used
355600R93 Shifter Fork Used
352774R3 Shifter Rod Used, 2nd & 3rd
352770R3 Shifter Rod Used, 1st & Reverse
351534R21 Transmission Input Shaft Used
350801R2 Rear Axle Shaft, Rt. Used
350815R2 Rear Axle Shaft, Left Used
350806R41 Differential Housing Used
350826R1 Diff. Housing Pan Used, Bottom Oil Pan
350815R2 Rear Axle, Left Used
350814R2 Rear Axle, Right Used
60069D Steering Wheel Used
60069D Steering Wheel New
350894R12 Steering Shaft Used, w/ worm gear
351489R11 Steering Shaft Support Used
351074R91 Front Rim Used
351074R91 Front Rim New
350768R1 Front Wheel Felt Seal New
351846R1 Front Wheel Lug Bolt New
381226R91 Hydraulic Block Assem. Used
352029R92 Hydraulic Tube Manifold Used
352035R94 Hydraulic Pump Assembly Used
352040R11 Hyd. Control Lever Used
352045R11 Hyd. Control Rod Used

Prfessionally Re-Manned John Deere 60 Cylinder Head w/ Valves

JD 60 Head 6

JD 60 Head 2

JD 60 Head valves

John Deere 60 Cylinder Head FOR SALE. Head has been professionally re-manned at a very reputable machine shop. There are no cracks or welds. Valves have been inspected, ground and seated. This head complete and is in EXCELLENT condition and it is ready to go to work. Please contact us for more detailed pictures and information. $300

Allis Chalmers Tractor Parts For Sale

Below is a partial listing of used ALLIS CHALMERS Tractor Parts that we have For Sale. This list changes daily so please contact us about parts you need even if you do not see them listed.

Oil Pump AC WC,WF,WD $50
Hood AC Styled WC,WD,WD45 $60
Gas Tank AC Styled WC $75
Gas Tank AC WD, WD45 $75
Gas Tank Support AC Styled WC,WD,WD45 $75
Hood Tie-Down Bands AC Styled WC,WD,WD45 $15
Electrical Switch Box AC WC $25
Loop Draw Bar AC C $75
Grill AC WC,WD,WD45 $150
Spin-On Oil Filter Mount AC B,C,CA $25
Str Wheel/Str Shaft Support AC WC $25
Seat/Fender Supports – Pair AC B,C $30

Allis Chalmers RC and WC Rear Axle Seals

One of today’s projects is new REAR AXLE SEALS for an ALLIS CHALMERS RC or WC tractor. It included rounding up seals that are Allis Chalmers part numbers 70207708 (sub 72511216) and the large rubber oil seal part number 70202533. Thanks to Bill Hoeppner from MO for his call!

Re-man Crankshaft Allis Chalmers WC, WD

This crankshaft has been professionally refurbished including a magnaflux test to be sure there are no cracks.  It was ground to .040” undersize rod bearing journals/ .030” undersize main bearing journals. We have bearings and all other engine components available. Ready to install!   Casting number U-3986 part number 1197888.  $495.00

Crawler Parts For Sale

Engine Overhaul Kits
Clutch Kits
Steering Clutch Parts
Cooling System Components
Muffler and Exhaust Parts
Track Rollers

Please call or Email us for a price and shipping quote. Please let us know if you are looking for more than one part as it is cheaper to ship multiple parts in one box than to ship multiple boxes

LOTS of used ALLIS CHALMERS Styled WC Parts

We have recently gotten LOTS of used Allis Chalmers Styled WC parts including hoods, grill assemblies, gas tanks, gas tank supports, air cleaners and more!  Please contact us with a list of your needs.  Call 716-257-9863 or e mail

Parts Tractors Available

Farmall Cub

Farmall H

Farmall M

Farmall A, BN

Allis Chalmers B, C,WC, WD45


Some used John Deere GP parts available

1949 John Deere A

John Deere 440

Farmall Cub Tractor FOR SALE

Nice running, straight, complete Farmall Cub Tractor FOR SALE. We need to move it rather than store it for winter. Cub does not have a serial number tag but we believe it to be of 1952 to 1954 vintage. Cub is equipped with hydraulics and good tires (75% tread on rears, one front is brand new). We will part the tractor if we find more interest in that than selling it complete.  We have a set of REAR WHEEL WEIGHTS for a CUB Tractor available.     This tractor has been salvaged for parts

Check out all of the Restoration Quality Tractor Gauges!

A few of the TACHOMETERS that we have

Some of our Restoration Quality GAUGES

Contact us for the correct RESTORATION QUALITY GAUGES for your tractors!  We have most of the gauges used in the ALLIS CHALMERS, CASE, FORD, FARMALL/INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER IH, JOHN DEERE, MASSEY HARRIS, MASSEY FERGUSON, MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE and OLIVER tractors.  We carry OIL PRESSURE, AMP and TEMPERATURE gauges for most models.  We also have specialty gauges like the IH FUEL PRESSURE and TOUCH CONTROL gauges and JOHN DEERE Transmission OIL PRESSURE and Transmission OIL TEMPERATURE gauges.  We have several different TACHOMETERS and PROOFMETERS available too.  Let us know what you need!