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John Deere

John Deere 4840

48404840 rear weight4840 interiorJD 4840 tractor for sale.  New rear tires, cab interior, rebuilt engine.  3pt and dual remotes.  HEAVY inside weights.   $26,500

John Deere 530

Restored John Deere 530 for sale.  Square tube wide front, complete 3pt, flat top fenders, nearly new tires, rebuilt  float ride seat, PPG paint, 1,581 original hours on working hour meter.  Very nice tractor, very low hours  $19,900530

1959 John Deere 830 Tractor For Sale

1959 John Deere 830 Diesel Tractor FOR SALE


Nice running straight tractor that is a real pleasure to drive!  1959 John Deere 830

This tractor is sound and straight from every angle.  We have put on a set of new front tires with old style tread.  The rear tires are matched 20.8 x 34 with about 40% tread.  Contact us for more details.  $10,900 Firm     SOLD



John Deere 5020 for sale

5020 John Deere Tractor for sale.  New 18.4-42 radials, roll bar, roof, dual remotes, 3pt hitch, M&W turbo.  good tractor, still being used.  Front starter weights go with it, other weights do not.  $16,800 SOLD5020 front 5020 side

John Deere 4440 High Crop for sale

John Deere 4440 High Crop.  Powershift, correct 3pt, front weight bracket. 4 post.  Good, solid tractor.  would make a great addition to any collection, This tractor catches EVERYONES attention.  $17,900 SOLD4440 hc lh 4440 hc rear 4440 hc in shed

John Deere 3020 LP for sale

John Deere 3020 row crop factory propane. Rebuilt engine, brakes, high torque starter, dual batteries, generator, new tires, NOS manifold, new tie rod ends, 540/1000 pto, diff lock, synchro, both clutches new, repainted a few years ago. Used regularly. 7500 hrs, engine was rebuilt at 6900 hrs. $7800obo SOLD


More John Deere 440 Crawler Parts

We have parted out several John Deere 440 Crawlers. Lots of John Deere 440 Parts available! Let us know what you need.

Final Drives complete assembly $1000  SOLD
Steering Clutch Housings $250
New Clutch Parts
Track Idler Assembly great condition very little wear $300  SOLD

2 John Deere model 63 blade assemblies FOR SALE  1 SOLD

Let us know what you need!

JD 440 Dan in action


JD 440 Air Cleaner 1

JD 440 LoaderJD 440 blade front JD 440 Hood leftJD 440 Crawlers

JD 440 track rollJD 440 Idler

John Deere 4640 For Sale

John Deere 4640 powershift, 3pt, triple remotes, soundguard cab, new rear radials.  $28,500 obo  SOLD4640 front 4640 rear 4640 new rear tire 4640

John Deere 70 Tractor FOR SALE

70 Howie

70 Howie rt front

JOHN DEERE 70 Row Crop gas Tractor FOR SALE

This is a really nice John Deere 70 Row Crop gas tractor. It is complete, with square tube wide front end, runs well and has good rear tires. We would be happy to send more detailed pictures if you are interested. $4500.00 obo  SOLD

John Deere Unstyled A For Sale


John Deere unstyled A for sale.  New tires.  Front round spoke, rear flat spoke.  Starts and runs very well.  $4100  SOLDJune1004 Parts 715

John Deere 70 For Sale

John Deere 70 gas row crop with factory square tube wide front end, power steering, live 540 rpm pto and rock shaft. Starts and runs very well. power steering works great. Quiet transmission. $4200 obo SOLDJD 70 cropped left

JD 70 cropped rt


JD G snow 1FOR SALE – 1951 JOHN DEERE G Tractor FOR SALE.  Serial number 50289.  Runs GREAT!  Rear tires are 90%.  $6500 or BO. SOLD

My JD G best1952 JOHN DEERE G Tractor FOR SALE.  Complete straight tractor that runs quite well  Serial number #62343.   GREAT Project!  $3500.  SOLD

John Deere 3020 Tractor Restoration

One of this week’s projects was to help out good friend Tom Bradish from London, Ontario, Canada with the restoration of his John Deere 3020 Tractor. Tom needed new flat top fenders, part numbers AR20870R (Left) and AR48872 (Right), the rubber Hand Hold Grommets, part number R20759, New Battery Boxes, part numbers AR40674 (Left) and AR40673 (Right), a new steering wheel which is part number AT11172, the steering wheel Center Cap, part number AL118173, new Side Screens, part number AR26849 and springs, part number R26858. His John Deere 3020 is going to look brand new!

John Deere 430 Tractor Transmission Re-Build

Trans toprear endWe are currently replacing all of the bearings and seals in David Bray’s John Deere 430 Tractor. The project required a lot of dis-assembling and every shaft and gear had to be removed as all bearings had completely fallen apart and seals were leaking. This tractor sounded AWFUL when we drove it! New gaskets, bearings and seals included part numbers AM3535T, JD8225, JD8187, JD8823, JD8839T, AM3491T, JD8568T, AM3572T, M3659T, JD8230T, JD8194T, JD7939T, JD8907T, JD8240T, AM253T, JD8205T, JD8144T, AM2924T and M3159T. The John Deere 430 should be done next week!

Tractor Restoration

<eTRACTOR RESTORATION – We restore tractors for our collection and for many customers from the North Eastern U.S. and Canada. We carry a complete line of RESTORATION QUALITY TRACTOR PARTS and we ship world wide on a daily basis. If you need assistance with parts or with advice on how to tackle a problem with your tractor we have what you need. In addition to an unlimited list of new and used tractor parts we have mechanics available to answer any questions you may have. If you are not sure what to order please ask us. We would love to help! The parts that we sell are the parts that we use in our restorations. Watch for NEW ADDITIONS to projects and parts listed.

Dad’s 1961 JOHN DEERE 3010

3010 front crop1961 John Deere 3010Dad’s 1961 JOHN DEERE 3010 was our family’s first brand new tractor! We recently restored it to like new condition for Dad and he still uses it regularly at 85 years of age! Notice the great STEP and HAND RAIL assembly. This really makes it easy and SAFER for Dad to use his JD 3010. We thought it was just for OLD guys but once we used the tractor step assembly we LOVED it! We have these nice, U.S. made step and hand rail assemblies available for many different makes and models. Everybody should have one! Check with us for details.

Eric Anderson’s John Deere M Tractor

Our good friend Eric Anderson from Baltimore, MD had us restore his Father’s old John Deere M.  Eric could remember riding on Dad’s lap as a boy and wanted to re-capture those memories to share with his young sons Max and Eddie.  Eric had not seen it in a while since he went off to college, got married and started a family.  When we picked the tractor up and sent pictures it was apparent that we had a LONG way to go.  She is now finished and runs and looks like a CHAMP!

John Deere 440 with GM Diesel at work

Great running John Deere 440 with GM Diesel engine

John Deere 440 Diesel with loader frame AND a blade

Lots of JOHN DEERE 440 Crawlers

Crawlers being unloded

We got two loads of John Deere 440 Crawlers in during July 2011

John Deere 440 Crawlers!  In July 2011 we got two loads of John Deere 440 Crawlers.  We will restore one for a customer, keep one to use around the shop and have some to sell including LOTS of JOHN DEERE 440 Crawler Parts!  We have two with GM diesel engines and four with John Deere gas engines.  Send us your parts lists!

The 2011 Summer Line Up

Stop by to see the 2011 Summer Tractor Line Up!

Check out the summer line up!

Stop by to check out our 2011 Summer line up of tractors!

John Deere 2440

John Deere 2440 with John Deere 146 Loader

We have recently completed the restoration of this beautiful John Deere 2440 for our neighbor Robert Behnke.

Restored 1931 John Deere GP Tractor

This beautiful 1931 John Deere GP is owned by our good friends Tom and Helen Bradish of London, Ontario, Canada.  This old girl was not very pretty when they brought her to us last Autumn (see picture of her below).   The restoration was not an easy one but we were able to get the tractor completed in time for it to be one the Bradish’s  featured tractors at a huge tractor show Tom and Helen played a major role in organizing in Ontario, Canada in September, 2010.   We were VERY happy Tom and Helen gave us the privilege of restoring her for them.  Let us know if you need parts for your JOHN DEERE Tractor restoration project!

1931 John Deere GP Tractor

The beginning of the John Deere GP Project

The beginning of the 1931 John Deere GP Restoration Project

John Deere 50

This John Deere 50 tractor was restored by North Otto Tractor for Bill Jones of East Otto, NY.  The tractor was purchased new by the Jones’ and had always been in their family.

Restored John Deere 50 Tractor

1948 John Deere M

1948 John Deere M

This tractor is the current project under way in our shop today. The paint job should be completed this week. This just an example of a project that is in progress.

John Deere M
Progress Update, November 1st, 2007

Progress Update, May 2008

1959 John Deere 830

1959 John Deere 830

This is the largest and latest John Deere 2 Cylinder tractor model made.  This tractor was built in Moline, Il, shipped to Mexico where it spent most of its working life then shipped to Ontario, Canada and then to North Otto Tractor Parts this summer.  We are very fortunate and excited to able to add this tractor to our collection.

1947 John Deere A

1947 John Deere A

This is a 1947 John Deere A owned by Chet Brol from East Otto, NY.  Chet is a retired dairy farmer and wanted a John Deere A like the one he farmed with many years ago.  He brought the tractor to us to get it to run and function correctly.  This is Chet’s pride and joy!  Great example of a local customer that loves his tractor.  We were very happy to get it in great running condition for him.

1949 John Deere B

1949 John Deere B

This tractor was my very first tractor restoration project which was the beginning of North Otto Tractor Parts as it is today.  Our Dad owned a tractor just like this one when my brothers and I were growing up and we learned to drive (and spent MANY hours) on that tractor.

1961 John Deere 3010

1961 John Deere 3010 1961 John Deere 3010 1961 John Deere 3010 

Our Dad bought this tractor brand new in May of 1961.  We spent many hours working on this tractor as we grew up and it was a really gratifying project for Larry and I to restore Dad’s tractor to brand new condition for him.  The angle shot of the tractor with dad coming towards the camera is our favorite picture.