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John Deere 430 Tractor Transmission Re-Build

Trans toprear endWe are currently replacing all of the bearings and seals in David Bray’s John Deere 430 Tractor. The project required a lot of dis-assembling and every shaft and gear had to be removed as all bearings had completely fallen apart and seals were leaking. This tractor sounded AWFUL when we drove it! New gaskets, bearings and seals included part numbers AM3535T, JD8225, JD8187, JD8823, JD8839T, AM3491T, JD8568T, AM3572T, M3659T, JD8230T, JD8194T, JD7939T, JD8907T, JD8240T, AM253T, JD8205T, JD8144T, AM2924T and M3159T. The John Deere 430 should be done next week!

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