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We have LOTS of NEW and USED Farmall Cub parts For Sale. We have recently parted a 1949 FARMALL CUB. Below is a partial listing of parts available.

IH Part No. Description Condition

405031R92 Cub Engine Block Good used, No cracks or welds  SOLD
251271R12 Flywheel w Ring Gear Good, used
353743R93 Crankshaft Good, used
353743R93 Crankshaft New
49177D Front Main Seal New, sub to 378193R91
251269R3 Cranshaft Pulley Good, used
251293R3 Crankshaft Pulley New
357219R91 Main Bearing Set New sizes STD, .002, .010, .020, .030
251248R21 Rod Bearings New sizes STD, .002, .010, .020, .030
355734R91 Oil Pan Good, Used
355691R2 Head New
251229R2 Head Gasket New
Head Gasket Set New, all gaskets needed when removing head
251369R1 Oil Pan Gasket New
Full Gasket Set New
Fan & Pulley Assem. Used, good condition
IHS143 Fan & Pulley Assem. New
251428R1 Fan Belt New
351321R1 Generator Belt New
251232R1 Manifold New
352540R92 Manifold Gasket Set New
2C7859 Piston Ring Set New, sizes STD, .010, .020, .030, .040, .060
405007R11 Piston Used
Re-Bore Kit New Pistons, Rings, Pins, Clips
251247R1 Piston Pin Bushing New
251260R1 Intake Valve New
251261R2 Exhaust Valve New
352973R3 Valve Guide New
251262R2 Valve Spring New
46209D Valve Lock (Key) New
376373R91 Oil Filter New
251270R2 Ring Gear New
351436R92 Muffler New
364579R91 IH Carburetor New
Carb Repair Kits New, Several
251293R91 IH Carburetor Float New
351878R92 Radiator New
351030R91 Radiator Cap New
350886R11 Lower Radiator Housing New
351760R91 Clutch Pressure Plate New Assembly
351773R91 Clutch Disc New
350921R11 Clutch Throw Out New Throw Out Bearing Assembley w/ Carrier
251266R Clutch Pilot Bushing New
351485R2 Clutch Inspection Cover New Housing Inspection Cover
351485R2 Clutch Inspec. Cover Used
350949R11 Clutch Pedal Used
350991R11 Brake Pedal, Left Used
350998R11 Brake Pedal, Right Used
350967R21 Brake Band Assembley New, w/ adj. rod
358723R21 Brake Band Assembley New, no adj. rod
350805R2 Brake Drum New
350805R2 Brake Drum Used
350951R1 Brake Pedal Ret. Spring New
351686R3 Clutch Housing Used Torque Tube
351236R98 Transmission Housing Used
Complete Transmission Used
356530R91 Gear Shift Lever Assem. Used
351545R2 Gear Shift Lever Housing Used
53717DA Gear Shift Knob New
355601R92 Shifter Fork Used
355600R93 Shifter Fork Used
352774R3 Shifter Rod Used, 2nd & 3rd
352770R3 Shifter Rod Used, 1st & Reverse
351534R21 Transmission Input Shaft Used
350801R2 Rear Axle Shaft, Rt. Used
350815R2 Rear Axle Shaft, Left Used
350806R41 Differential Housing Used
350826R1 Diff. Housing Pan Used, Bottom Oil Pan
350815R2 Rear Axle, Left Used
350814R2 Rear Axle, Right Used
60069D Steering Wheel Used
60069D Steering Wheel New
350894R12 Steering Shaft Used, w/ worm gear
351489R11 Steering Shaft Support Used
351074R91 Front Rim Used
351074R91 Front Rim New
350768R1 Front Wheel Felt Seal New
351846R1 Front Wheel Lug Bolt New
381226R91 Hydraulic Block Assem. Used
352029R92 Hydraulic Tube Manifold Used
352035R94 Hydraulic Pump Assembly Used
352040R11 Hyd. Control Lever Used
352045R11 Hyd. Control Rod Used

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